Updated program for Global Fragrance Summit available soon!

19 JUNE 2023

On the theme of Past, Present and Future, and centred on the IFRA Global Strategy 2019-2024, the program for Global Fragrance Summit 2023 will be released in the coming days.

The IFRA Global Strategy sets out the key themes on which the association works to support the global fragrance sectors mission to provide safe and sustainable products to customers. Fragrance is an essential part of our day to day lives, and the Summit will investigate these aspects in a series of 4 parts:

  • Global Fragrance Summit part 1: Self-regulation and science-based advocacy

The fragrance industry has a strong record of self-regulation and the promotion of the safe use of fragrance ingredients. As an industry with a foothold in fragrance production regions around the world – a world with a rapidly changing legislative landscape – advocacy and the support of the self-regulatory regime are becoming increasingly important. In this part of the conference, we will look at how political and regulatory concerns are increasingly affecting the sector and how we must adapt to the challenges of the future.

  • Global Fragrance Summit part 2: Global collaboration

To paraphrase 17th century poet John Donne, “No Trade Association is an island”. It is ever more essential for organizations such as IFRA to work hand-in-hand with stakeholders up and down, and adjacent to, the sector’s value chain. This can include NGOs, research institutions, policy makers at international, regional and local level, as well as with companies in and outside of the fragrance business. This cooperation and collaboration is now the sine qua non to achieving shared – or mutually beneficial aims in legislative and regulatory settings.

  • Global Fragrance Summit part 3: Sustainability and innovation

Sustainability was a key element of the IFRA Strategy in 2019-2024 – however even if all other parts of the strategy were to be changed, the sustainability angle would certain remain. As an industry, we have a responsibility to be economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. Indeed, the future of a large portion of our fragrance catalogue depends on it – and doing so will require flexibility, adaptability and innovation. This section of the conference will explore both the aspects of innovation and sustainability.

  • Global Fragrance Summit part 4: Consumer knowledge and enjoyment

Fragrances can evoke memories – they underpin attraction and help us navigate the world around us. The fragrances themselves are the products of centuries of innovation – and they are foundations of growing and production regions. Indeed, the cultural footprint of fragrance is just as important a part of the enjoyment of fragrance as its economic or social relevance. Most fragrance consumers do not pretend to know about the arcane specifics of fragrance olfaction, regulation, creation or production, but they do understand that fragrance matters beyond the bottle. This closing portion of the Global Fragrance Summit will examine this intangible aspect of fragrance around the world, exploring the cultural heritage and history of fragrance, as well as looking forward to the next 50 years of fragrance.

You can register for Global Fragrance Summit 2023 at www.globalfragrancesummit.com