About Global Fragrance Summit 2023

19 JUNE 2023

The Global Fragrance Summit is the International Fragrance Association’s (IFRA) flagship event. It is an important opportunity for stakeholders in the fragrance sector to come together to learn, debate and analyze collective challenges and trends.

Global Fragrance Summit 2023 will be taking place from 5-6 December 2023 at the Geneva Marriott Hotel and online. 2023 is a special year for IFRA, as it marks the 50th anniversary of our founding in Geneva a half-century ago. IFRA has supported the safe use and essential nature of fragrance ever since.

The theme of this year’s Global Fragrance Summit is Past, Present and Future. It will be a chance to reflect on how the sector has changed and grown since its creation – and including how the science of its products and standards has evolved.

Who is attending?

Open to all, the IFRA Global Fragrance Summit brings together all actors in the fragrance value chain: Regular IFRA members in multinational fragrance houses, National Member Associations, SMEs, upstream supplier companies, downstream consumer goods companies, partner associations, governments, media and stakeholders.

Why come to Global Fragrance Summit 2023?

Global Fragrance Summit 2023 is a unique opportunity to meet and hear from leaders in the global fragrance sector – with a closer look at the business and regulatory aspects of the industry. Come to the Global Fragrance Summit to gain a closer insight into the strategies and approaches of the sector over the next few years – the only conference of its kind in the fragrance sector.